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Fujifilm Authorised Dealer

As a Fujifilm authorised dealer, we uphold to the highest printing standard required in the industry. We only use 100% original materials from fujifilm to provide a sharp and vivid print.

Authorized Dealers
  • Passport Photo

    Singapore, US, Arab, Malaysia, China and Other sizes

  • Document Printing

    A4 & A3 sizes
    Black and White & Colour
    Print from your thumb drive, via email or phone

  • Photocopy

    From all sizes up to A3.
    Colour & Black and White

  • Laminating

    From all sizes up to A3.
    Suitable for IDs, photos, certificates and more

  • Photo Printing

    Size ranges from 3R to Super 8R
    Glossy & Matte

  • Binding

    From all sizes up to A3.
    Ring binding in various thickness